Bounty Family of Quicker Picker-Uppers
Which Bounty is right for your family?
Bounty: Long Lasting
Bounty Basic

There's more than one way to get your home Bounty® clean. Stock up on the Bounty that's right for your family. With Bounty, the real magic is that the roll doesn’t disappear. Bounty paper towels are 2X more absorbent, so the roll can last longer.* For a cleaner way to clean in the kitchen and beyond, ditch the germy dishcloth and switch to Bounty DuraTowel™. For a paper towel that's affordably priced and 50% stronger,† try Bounty Basic™. Bounty with Dawn® blasts through messes and picks up more.‡ And for less stress about messes during mealtime, try Bounty Quilted Napkins™, which are 2X stronger when wet.§ *Vs. the leading ordinary brand. †When wet vs. leading ordinary brand. ‡Vs. leading brand. §Vs. an ordinary sponge.

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