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We all have our favorite everyday essentials: the toothpaste we grew up with, the detergent that reminds us of spring, the shampoo that revives us in the morning and the vitamins that keep us healthy. But, let's face it, we've got better things to do than hunt through cluttered aisles and wait in lines at the drugstore. Plus, who has the patience - and the muscle power - to lug home all those heavy bags?

Meet Soap.com. With over 25,000 products under one virtual roof, we do the dirty work for you. From your beauty basics and household necessities, to the nutritional products that keep you feeling your best - we've got you covered. We've got great prices too, with fantastic everyday values across our range of products and a Savings Center that makes it easy to find the stuff on sale this week. And here's the best part: we deliver everything to your door within 2 business days for free.

No lines. No heavy bags. No driving. Just the products that keep your life in balance, conveniently shipped to your door faster and easier than any errand you've done before. And did we mention our award-winning customer service? We take pride in delighting our customers, and do everything we can to ensure that your experience is hassle-free, fun and rewarding. If you don't like something, send it back. If you have a suggestion, let us know. We're here when you need us - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Welcome to Soap.com! Happy shopping.

Our History

In 2005, best friends Marc and Vinit started Diapers.com with a simple idea - to make life easier for new parents. They worked nights and weekends and enlisted a friend with her own family to answer customer calls and fulfill orders from her suburban garage. But there was one huge obstacle: most major manufacturers wouldn't sell their products to a start-up. So, using their personal credit cards, they rented trucks and headed to wholesale stores up and down the Eastern Seaboard to buy diapers, wipes and formula in bulk.

Marc and Vinit opened a formal office in Montclair, New Jersey, in 2006, and the following year hired their first full-time employee. By 2009, the company was renamed Quidsi (meaning "what if" in Latin) to serve as an umbrella for all its sites. Over the course of just a few years, Quidsi had added Soap.com for health, beauty and household essentials; BeautyBar.com, a luxury beauty destination; Wag.com, a pet specialty site; YoYo.com for toys and games; Casa.com for décor and home products; VineMarket.com for natural and organic groceries; AfterSchool.com for kids' sports and activities; Bookworm.com for children's books; and Look.com for kids' clothing. Customers now had a seamless way to shop for everything they needed with one shared cart and easy checkout.

Seattle-based Amazon purchased Quidsi in 2011, although the company operates independently out of New Jersey. Here's an idea of how far the company has come in such a short span of time: In 2006, Quidsi had two employees... in 2013, it will have more than a thousand. Quidsi continues to focus on customers and explore the next big thing, always asking, "What if?"

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In a few short years, Diapers.com established a strong customer base of nearly one million parents. It soon became clear that many of these folks wanted the company to expand their product offering - beyond baby items. The team knew that the operational systems that made Diapers.com so efficient could also be leveraged to support new specialty sites, offering many other product assortments. In 2009, Quidsi (meaning "what if" in Latin) was adopted as a corporate name to serve as an umbrella for all its sites.

To continue making life easier for their loyal Diapers.com following, Quidsi launched Soap.com in the summer of 2010 for health, beauty and household essentials. Next up was BeautyBar.com, a luxury beauty boutique. Not long after, Quidsi introduced Wag.com for pet supplies. And in the fall of 2011, YoYo.com, featuring toys, games, books and collectibles, joined the Quidsi family. Six months later, Casa.com made its debut with over 30,000 home goods products. In July 2012, AfterSchool.com, a site for kids' sporting goods and activity supplies, joined the team. Benefitting from a shared cart, our busy customers can now shop across seven sites and reach free shipping faster.

Quidsi has grown from two employees in 2006 to over 900 in 2012. Seattle-based Amazon purchased Quidsi in early 2011 but the company operates independently in New Jersey, where Marc and Vinit first met in 1981. Quidsi continues to focus on customers and explore the next big thing, always asking, "What if?"

About Our Family of Brands

About Quidsi

Quidsi owns and operates Diapers.com (baby care), Soap.com (health, beauty and household essentials), BeautyBar.com (luxury beauty), Wag.com (pet products), YoYo.com (toys), Casa.com (home and houseware essentials), VineMarket.com (natural and organic groceries), AfterSchool.com (kids' sports/activity gear), Bookworm.com (children's books) and Look.com (kids' clothing). Our customers enjoy a broad selection, free 1-2 day shipping on orders $49+, easy-to-navigate sites and award-winning service. At Quidsi (Latin for "what if"), we dare to think big and explore possibilities.

Leadership Team
Maria Renz
Chief Executive Officer
Sharon Fox
Senior Vice President, Consumables
David Zhang
Vice President, Retail
Randy Greben
Chief Financial Officer
Prasad Pola
Chief Information Officer
Wei Yan
Chief Technology Officer
Michal Geller
Senior Vice President, Online Marketing Platforms & Business Development
Jennifer Clarke
Vice President, Human Resources
Tara Lawrence
Vice President, User Experience & Creative
Mike Scelzo
Vice President, Customer Care
Evangelia (Angie) Zorotheos
General Counsel

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