Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology

Gillette's newest razor reminds us of the Terminator (from the second movie) — adjusting, adapting, swiveling, and pivoting to wipe out virtually every hair on a man's face. The FlexBall keeps the re-engineered blades in constant contact, for the smoothest shave yet. Plus, there are two versions: manual and power. Hasta la vista, razorburn.

"No more stretching and pulling my face to get all the nooks and crannys"

Douglas D., Merch Team



Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste

Crest's most advanced whitening formula is here — and it's brilliant. (Literally.) By gently polishing away surface stains, and reaching areas between teeth with foaming action, it adds dazzling luster and shine after just one use.




I can actually feel the foaming action working — it's really fresh and cooling.

Julie S., Creative Team




Slimfast's delicious new flavors make your slimdown wishes come true. Chewy bars wrapped in Greek yogurt and filled with honey (yum), and vanilla-birthday-cake-flavored bars (double yum) taste so good, you won't believe they're low-cal craving-kickers.




"The vanilla cake is amazing. Wait...this helps lose weight, too?"

Jenny T., Merch Team



Natrol Angry Birds Kids' Vitamin Gummies

You won't need a slingshot to get these gummies in your kid's mouth. The multivitamin and mineral supplements come in four delicious flavors and fun shapes: the red, yellow, and blue birds they love (and the green pigs they love to hate).




"This is a fun way to get my daughter to take her vitamins."

Dave C., Creative Team



Health Warrior Chia Bars

Ancient Aztecs worshipped the chia seed as a source of strength. Probably had something to do with being the highest plant-based source of protein, fiber, and omega-3s on the planet. Now, you can tap into this nutritional wisdom with 8 different flavors — all Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Vegan, and 5g of sugar or less.




"Dark Chocolate Cherry. Just wow. Wow, wow, wow."

Jackie H., Marketing Team



Epic Bar

A whole foods snack that's low in sugar, high in nutrients, and loaded with protein and healthy fat? That's Epic. Epic specializes in creating nutrient-dense animal based protein products for people on the go. They're humane, pasture centered, and delicious.

WATCH: Epic Journey



"I took a few on a hike, and fell in love. They taste great!"

Megan M., Merch Team




No, despite the name, you're not dreaming. Dairy-free really can be this delicious. Dream's new flavors — Almond, Horchata Rice, Soy, Vanilla & more — make it easier (and even tastier) to stick to your dietary needs and still love what you eat.




"So many great new options! I'm loving the Almond Dream"

Rachel G., Merch Team